Why You Should Utilize LinkedIn for Building Your Network

I completely understand why people are taking a step back from social media these days. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can drum up conversations that are incredibly hurtful, unthoughtful, and downright divisive. I will tell you, though, that I will continue to utilize one platform because of its professionalism and opportunity to expand my business network, which is LinkedIn. If you can afford to spend roughly 15 minutes on this platform daily, I assure you that you may never have to attend another in-person networking event again. Okay, maybe not entirely true, but following these 16 steps will help you develop top-of-mind awareness within your network, keep you updated with your peer group, and provide fruitful leads and business opportunities.

At my firm, Anderson ZurMuehlen, I serve as the Business Development & Marketing Director. My team and I work hard to train our accounting professionals to develop and enhance their networking skills. Annually, we train on our social media guidelines and work with our professionals to stay on top of best practices; one of our recent lunch and learns focused on Developing Your LinkedIn Presence. Erin Good, our senior marketing specialist and social media coordinator, put together a quick-sheet on LinkedIn Best Practices. While this helpful guide is written in the voice for our employees, we feel HLN members and other professionals will find value in the bite-size information it includes.

To learn more about LinkedIn best practices, contact Ali Mandell!

Ali Mandell is Business Development & Marketing Director with Anderson ZurMuehlen, CPAs & Business Advisors. She is an HLN Steering Committee leader and member, past HLN co-chair, and former HLN and Chamber Board rep. Mandell has worked in marketing, advertising, and public relations for nearly 20 years. She is a former Leadership Helena graduate and current participant of Leadership Montana. Connect with Ali on LinkedIn!

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