HLN Updates October 2020

Election Day is Approaching!

Like everything else, COVID-19 has shifted how we have to do things and so voting in this election looks different. The November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election will be conducted by mail ballot with an in-person voting option available October 2, 2020 through Election Day, November 3, 2020. Registration and ballot request deadlines have also been extended. You can find all the information you want or need on the Lewis and Clark County Elections website.

Ballots began to go out October 9th so many of you may have already received yours. If you want to vote by mail, ballots should be returned by mail at least one week before Election Day. If you haven't put your ballot in the mail by then, you should drop it off in-person. The deadline to vote by mail is October 26th!

Like voting in person? In-person voting is available October 2, 2020 through Election Day, November 3, 2020. At the in-person voting location you can:

  • Vote/Drop-off the ballot you received in the mail.

  • Request and vote a ballot.

Get Up To Date with Hometown Helena

Interested in learning more about your community? Looking to engage more? In need of a venue to share information? Hometown Helena meets twice monthly via zoom, hosted by Jim Smith from 7-8am. Upcoming meetings for 2020 are October 22, November 12, and December 10. Too early for you? No problem - all meetings are recorded and available to watch at any time.

Your HLN Co-Chairs, Rebecca Meyers and Ali Mandell are part of the planning committee and we'd like to hear from you! Hometown Helena is an opportunity for locals to come together and share updates, ask questions, and hear from guest speakers discussing relevant or requested information. Let us know if there is anything you want to share about your profession, events taking place, upcoming opportunities, or if you want to learn more about something in particular.

Sign up for zoom invites and email updates on the website at hometownhelena.news.

New Leadership at HLN

As 2020 comes to a close, I am so pleased to share that HLN's new Co-Chairs for 2021 are Joe Mitchell and Kristen McLaughlin. Joe and Kristen have been engaged with HLN's Executive Committee for a few years and will be instrumental in pushing HLN forward. Joe will be serving as the Helena Area Chamber Board Liaison beginning in January, 2021. They've got lots of great ideas about how to reconnect and come back together in ways that are safe and meaningful. I'm excited to see what opportunities they will bring to the table!

Interested in building your resume and getting involved? HLN is looking for new members to join the Executive Committee. This is a great opportunity to network, serve as a resource to your profession and community, and grow your leadership skills. Contact Rebecca or Ali for more information!

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